Glass bottle packaging and other materials need to be integrated

If you carefully observe the glass bottles and plastic bottles on the market, you will find that the packaging structure of glass bottles is often relatively simple, while the packaging of plastic bottles has various structures and can be perfectly integrated with other materials and different caps. Therefore, when a new innovation comes out, although merchants are willing to choose glass bottles, they find it difficult to solve the problem of integrating glass bottle materials with other materials.

If we pick up a cosmetic bottle, we will find that the bottle body is plastic, but the nozzle is metal. This combination will make the entire outer packaging stand out and have a strong sense of hierarchy. But glass bottles rarely have such a combination. Therefore, transforming the glass bottle body and enhancing the seamless integration of the glass bottle body and other materials is a problem that needs to be solved. This is not only to be solved in glass bottle production and bottle design. Improvements in glass bottle moulds and glass bottle making machines are also required.

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