Xilin bottles are an important component of pharmaceutical packaging. The Xilin bottle series products include controlled injection bottles, concave groove bottles, and oral liquid bottles, with specifications ranging from 1ML to 100ML. The product design department carries out customization according to your special requirements, and the product quality meets the regulations. Below is an introduction to the production process of penicillin bottles.

The transparent pharmaceutical glass bottles produced have a full range of specifications, and the bottle mouth is generally designed as a screw mouth, which can be used to hold freeze-drying, biological agents, chemical agents, etc. It has characteristics such as corrosion resistance and easy cleaning. Different shapes of transparent pharmaceutical glass bottles such as square and round can be customized, and acid bottles, pharmaceutical bottles, reagent bottles, etc. can be customized according to the different contents.

A fine-mouth reagent bottle is a type of glass bottle used for packaging chemical reagents. Due to the design of the bottle mouth, it is often called a fine-mouth reagent bottle. It is a glass container used for storing liquid reagents. The fine-mouth is convenient for liquid pouring and can avoid reagent volatilization, so the mouth is relatively small. There are two types: transparent and brown, and brown bottles are used to hold reagents that need to be kept away from light. Capable of holding solids (powdered solids).
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