Precautions for using fine-mouth reagent bottles

A fine-mouth reagent bottle is a type of glass bottle used for packaging chemical reagents. Due to the design of the bottle mouth, it is often called a fine-mouth reagent bottle. It is a glass container used for storing liquid reagents. The fine-mouth is convenient for liquid pouring and can avoid reagent volatilization, so the mouth is relatively small. There are two types: transparent and brown, and brown bottles are used to hold reagents that need to be kept away from light. Capable of holding solids (powdered solids).
Precautions for using fine-mouth reagent bottles:
1. Reagent bottles belong to glass containers and cannot be used for heating during use.
2. When using, when retrieving the reagent from the container, the bottle stopper should be placed upside down on the table. After use, the bottle stopper should be tightly closed, and if necessary, sealed. Due to the frosting inside the bottle mouth, it is not suitable for storing strong alkali reagents and should be sealed with a rubber stopper.
3. Place the reagent bottle with the label facing outward for easy viewing and use.
4. When pouring, the label should be facing towards the palm of the hand to prevent residual liquid from flowing down and corroding the label.
5. When removing the cork, it should be placed upside down on the tabletop to prevent liquid from corroding the tabletop.
Cleaning method for fine-mouth reagent bottles:
Break the egg shell into pieces, put it into a bottle, add warm water, shake vigorously, and wash it dry and clean. Principle: Use the friction force of the egg shell to remove oil and other substances attached to the inner wall of the bottle. For some oils, a small amount of detergent can be added for cleaning, which has a good cleaning effect. Egg shells are difficult to remove oil stains.
After sharing the usage precautions and cleaning methods for fine mouthed reagent bottles, have you learned? If you want to learn more about glass bottle related knowledge and procurement tips, please follow us.

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