Production process of controlled glass bottles

Detailed Introduction to Fine Mouth Glass Reagent Bottles
A fine mouthed glass reagent bottle is designed specifically for the container and storage of liquid reagents, with a ground mouth. What chemical reagents meet the conditions to be contained or stored in ground reagent bottles:
Firstly, it is not allowed to contain volatile and unstable reagents (such as reagents that are prone to oxidation), as the cap of the ground bottle is covered and the sealing is not very tight.
Secondly, alkaline reagents cannot be loaded, as alkali will react with glass to produce sodium metasilicate, causing the bottle mouth to stick.
Thirdly, reagents that need to be protected from light should be stored in brown reagent bottles.
Fourthly, solid reagents are packaged in wide mouthed bottles, while liquid reagents are packaged in fine mouthed bottles.

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