Specification for transparent pharmaceutical glass bottles

The transparent pharmaceutical glass bottles produced have a full range of specifications, and the bottle mouth is generally designed as a screw mouth, which can be used to hold freeze-drying, biological agents, chemical agents, etc. It has characteristics such as corrosion resistance and easy cleaning. Different shapes of transparent pharmaceutical glass bottles such as square and round can be customized, and acid bottles, pharmaceutical bottles, reagent bottles, etc. can be customized according to the different contents.
The specifications of transparent medicinal glass bottles are 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 60ml, 75ml, 100ml, 125ml, 150ml, 170ml, 200ml, 230ml, 250ml, 300ml, etc.
Transparent medicinal glass bottles, due to their transparent beauty, reliable chemical stability, and barrier properties, can be reliably and excellently heated at high temperatures as packaging containers. Glass has the environmentally friendly advantage of being recyclable and reusable, while waste glass bottles have the advantage of being recyclable and reusable, and have always been considered a good packaging material by other places. For screw necked bottles, their weakness is that they are relatively easy to break. In response to this characteristic, we adopt technological means to modify the production process and equipment of glass bottles during the production of screw necked bottles to make their use more convenient and reliable. Nowadays, glass has become a necessity for people's daily lives. Some have become artworks on the dining table, some have become home decorations, some have been used to beautify their bodies, and some have become collectibles for their own hobbies. However, the main function of screw necked bottles is to store some medicinal items, which are also widely used by people.
The transparent medicinal glass bottle mouth is a PP anti-theft spiral mouth, equipped with different types of caps, which have different production functions. For example, it is equipped with a special twist type all aluminum cap for oral liquid, which can be used to hold medicine, key drinks, fruit juices, etc; Equipped with anti-theft plastic covers, it can hold chemical raw materials, chemical raw materials, reagents, etc; Equipped with butyl rubber plugs and spiral hollow aluminum caps, it can hold gas or products that require vacuum extraction. The common advantage of these lids is that they have excellent sealing performance, and they hold various products without leakage or volatilization.

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