The production process of penicillin bottles

Xilin bottles are an important component of pharmaceutical packaging. The Xilin bottle series products include controlled injection bottles, concave groove bottles, and oral liquid bottles, with specifications ranging from 1ML to 100ML. The product design department carries out customization according to your special requirements, and the product quality meets the regulations. Below is an introduction to the production process of penicillin bottles.
Production process of penicillin bottles: After the production of glass test tubes, they are transported individually to the bottle making production workshop according to the conveyor chain, and then gradually produced by inserting the machine hand into the equipment. Afterwards, it enters the far-infrared electric annealing furnace for quenching, and then enters the online monitoring camera monitoring system for inspection, followed by packaging and storage. It is particularly worth mentioning that the products produced for each person, device, and shift are fully automatically transported to different storage warehouses, and then automatically coded onto the pallets before loading, automatically stored in the storage area, ensuring that each pallet's products are produced by one person and one production line, and that in the event of product quality problems, they can be traced back to one person and a single machine version.
If you require special specifications of products, we can produce various different specifications of penicillin bottle products according to the customer's regulations, to meet the customer's requirements. We have carried out 77 problem manipulations on small bottles, covering almost all the product quality defects of small bottles, which can effectively guarantee the quality of our products and completely meet customer requirements.

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