What material is the glass bottle for oral liquid

Oral liquid glass bottles are one of the products in short supply in pharmaceutical packaging. With the increasing awareness of health and attention to children's growth, the market for oral liquid bottles has also developed. Oral liquid bottles are packaging materials that come into direct contact with drugs, and their quality standards have an important impact on the development of the pharmaceutical packaging industry. The glass bottles used to hold oral liquid are also made of various materials, as summarized below.
The material used for making oral liquid glass bottles:
1. Sodium calcium glass, made from sodium calcium glass, is a common material in the pharmaceutical industry. It is made from various chemical substances such as boron dioxide, alumina, calcium oxide, iron oxide, magnesium oxide, barium oxide, zinc oxide, sodium oxide, etc. Sodium calcium glass has a low price and is generally used in oral liquid bottles for large capacity medicine.
2. Low borosilicate glass is produced from low borosilicate glass material, which contains no less than 5% boron trioxide and has higher chemical stability than sodium calcium glass. However, its specifications are limited, usually from 10ml oral liquid glass bottles to 60ml oral liquid glass bottles. Due to production technology reasons, it is currently only suitable for producing small capacity oral liquid glass bottles, which limits consumers' choices.
3. Neutral borosilicate glass, made of neutral borosilicate glass, has high chemical stability, heat resistance, and impact resistance. The oral liquid bottle made of this material contains no less than 8% boron trioxide, which plays a role in enhancing the chemical stability of glass and improving its luster. It is generally suitable for blood preparations, vaccines, strong acid, strong alkali water injection preparations, especially for strong alkali water injection. Most oral liquid glass bottles made of neutral borosilicate glass are used.
These three types of materials are common and can be selected based on purchasing needs and prices. We can customize different bottle shapes and colors according to customer requirements. After the sample is made, you will be satisfied with the production on the assembly line and will be shipped to you in a timely manner.

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