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Clear Capsule Glass Pill Bottles

Features Meets regulatory compliance and safety standards Easy maintenance Premium glass construction and quality assurance Customized services Commitment to sustainability Capacity range from 100ml to 500ml Please note below our MOQ for bottles as reference: In-stock glass containers: 2,000 units. For custom bottle orders: Up to 100ml: 100,000 units. Between 100ml and 150ml: 30,000 units. Above 150ml: 50,000 units. Clear bottles: 30,000 units. Colored bottles: 100,000 units. For specific MOQ requirements, kindly forward a detailed inquiry to our team. Xinde Glass Pill Bottles are designed to preserve a wide range of pharmaceutical medications, ensuring their integrity and efficacy. Whether it’s over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs, vitamins, supplements, or any other pharmaceutical formulations, our glass pill bottles provide a secure and protective environment. The glass material used in our bottles is inert and does not interact with the contents, maintaining the chemical stability of the medications stored inside. From tablets and capsules to powders and liquids, our pill bottles offer a versatile solution for the preservation of various medications, meeting the highest standards of quality and safety in pharmaceutical packaging.

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