A new development trend in the global "glass packaging" industry

The international glass packaging industry has shown a new development trend: using advanced energy-saving technology for production; lightweight bottles and cans; improving labor productivity and increasing production concentration.

The foreign glass packaging industry is promoting oxy-combustion technology, which is the second revolution after regenerative glass kilns, and can achieve remarkable effects of low investment, low energy consumption, and low dust emissions. Another way to save energy is to increase the amount of broken glass, and the amount of foreign broken glass added reaches 60%-70%.

Lightweight bottles are already the dominant product in glass jars. The precise control of raw material composition, the precise control of the whole melting process, the small mouth pressure blowing technology (nnpb), the spraying of the cold and hot ends of the bottle and the can, and the online inspection are the fundamental guarantees for realizing the lightweight of the bottle and can. Some countries are developing new surface enhancement technologies for bottles and cans in an attempt to further reduce the weight of bottles and cans. The current popular plastic film sleeve label is also conducive to the lightweight of glass bottles. It is also conducive to the lightweight of glass bottles and jars.

Developed countries generally use multi-group and multi-drop forming machines to improve the forming speed of glass bottles. The speed of 12 sets of double-dropping determinant bottle-making machines produced abroad can exceed 240 pieces/min, which is more than 4 times higher than the 6 sets of single-dropping forming machines commonly used in China. At the same time, a large number of glass packaging production enterprises have begun to merge and reorganize to increase the concentration of the glass container industry in order to optimize resource allocation and improve economies of scale.

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