Analysis of the development trend of foreign glass packaging industry

At present, the competition in the world packaging industry is very fierce. Paper containers, plastic bottles, glass bottles, aluminum cans, etc. have fully utilized various means to seize the packaging market. In order to be in a favorable position in the competition, the glass packaging industry has been committed to developing in the direction of high technology and low cost.

Glass packaging industry In order to compete with new packaging materials and containers such as paper product containers and plastic bottles, glass bottle and can manufacturers in developed countries have been committed to making products more reliable in quality, more beautiful in appearance, lower in cost and cheaper in price. In order to achieve these goals, the development trend of foreign glass packaging industry is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

Adopt advanced energy-saving technology: another way to save energy, improve melting quality, and prolong the kiln to save energy is to increase the amount of cullet, and the amount of cullet from abroad reaches 60%-70%. The ideal is to use 100% cullet to achieve the goal of "ecological" glass production.

Lightweight bottles and cans: In developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, lightweight bottles have become the leading products of glass bottles and cans. 80% of the glass bottles and jars produced by Obedand Company in Germany are lightweight disposable bottles. The precise control of raw material composition, the precise control of the whole melting process, the small mouth pressure blowing technology (NNPB), the spraying of the hot and cold ends of bottles and cans, and the on-line inspection are the fundamental guarantees for realizing the lightweight of bottles and cans. Some countries are developing new surface enhancement technologies for bottles and cans in an attempt to further reduce the weight of bottles and cans.

Improve labor productivity: The key to improving labor productivity in glass bottle manufacturing is how to increase the molding speed of glass bottles. At present, the commonly adopted method in developed countries is to use multi-group and multi-drop forming machines. A large furnace matched with a high-speed molding machine must have the ability to supply a large amount of high-quality molten glass stably, and the temperature and viscosity of the gob must meet the requirements of the best molding conditions.

For this reason, the raw material composition must be very stable. Most of the refined and standardized raw materials used by glass bottle manufacturers in developed countries are provided by specialized raw material manufacturers. The thermal parameters of the furnace to ensure the melting quality should adopt a digital control system to realize the optimal control of the whole process.

Increase the concentration of production: In order to adapt to the severe competition situation caused by the challenges of other new packaging products in the glass packaging industry, a large number of glass packaging production enterprises have begun to merge and reorganize to improve the concentration of the glass container industry in order to optimize resource allocation and improve economies of scale. Reducing disorderly competition and enhancing development capabilities have become the current trend of the world's glass packaging industry.

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